1. Our trailer for Head First: The Marty Livewire Story was featured on Slashfilm!


  2. I had a ton of fun doing this show with two of my favorite dudes. Listen up!

  3. Witch ass bitches. This show’s tonight and Pat “American America” Dean is playing banjo while Joe Tuller reads “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret” Worth the price of admission alone.  But! also there’s standup by me and other funny fucks. 

    9:30P at Spiderhouse Ballroom

  4. Me as Marty Livewire, braindead skater
    Lisa Friedrich, sk8r grrrrl
    Lucas Molandes, in between sets at the Velv
    Ryan Cownie, and a lil bit of his shiny new Buick

    Just wrapped a new short with Dustin Svehlack. It’s a preview of a documentary for the worst skater ever, Marty Livewire. I’d been kicking around the character idea for a few months and had gone through a few versions of what exactly it would be before writing this script. Trust the process, y’all. I’m really excited for this. Here’s a few stills of me along with Lisa Friedrich, Lucas Molandes, and Ryan Cownie, who were all cool enough to play other skaters talking about how terrible I am. 

  5. From Austin Sketchfest

    Hard to tell, but I have a bloody nose in this picture. Rob kneed me in the face during another amazing balance brothers performance. AC Lerok will be putting up a few new sketches, which will inspire freestyle rap at the next Vanilla Presley show. Friday, 10:30p at The New Movement. 


  6. I sat down with two of my faves, Lane Krarup and Pat Dean (Misterrrrr SEX!), to talk about doing drugs, falling in love, and the worst year of my life. FUN!

  7. Mullets, Nut Punches, Knives, SWAYZE! Excited to be doing Laugh Dammit Road House Tonight.


  8. Loved reading this. The questions of when, why, and how I’ll move are always bubbling in my mind, even if I’m not compelled to do it any time soon and am thoroughly enjoying developing in Austin. Looking forward to the rest of this series.

  9. Very excited to be on The Vapid Show tonight, Hosted by Kat Ramzinski and Avery Moore. Mondays at Spiderhouse have quickly become one of my favorite nights in Austin. From Vapid to Jazz Cigarette to the ATX Comedy Hour and the midnight open mic happening every week, it’s always a fun time filled with comedy, cheap drinks, and the (occasional) fight/heckler/weirdos waltzing in.


  10. Get Up!

    I performed 258 times in 2013.  I’m thankful I live in a city that can provide that much stage time. I’m thankful there’s audiences that come out to watch, even at open mics. I’m thankful for my fellow comedians who booked me, helped me out with a joke, and were just fun to be around. I’m thankful I’m able to go from show to show, theater to theater, from standup to improv to sketch and feel supported everywhere. I like to say “These are the best years of our lives” as a joke when things are going off the rails at shows, but I also mean it. Seriously. What the fuck else would you rather be doing? 

    I’m in New Jersey a few more days but when I come back I’ll be hitting it hard. Take a look at these shows coming up: