1. Mullets, Nut Punches, Knives, SWAYZE! Excited to be doing Laugh Dammit Road House Tonight.


  2. Loved reading this. The questions of when, why, and how I’ll move are always bubbling in my mind, even if I’m not compelled to do it any time soon and am thoroughly enjoying developing in Austin. Looking forward to the rest of this series.

  3. Very excited to be on The Vapid Show tonight, Hosted by Kat Ramzinski and Avery Moore. Mondays at Spiderhouse have quickly become one of my favorite nights in Austin. From Vapid to Jazz Cigarette to the ATX Comedy Hour and the midnight open mic happening every week, it’s always a fun time filled with comedy, cheap drinks, and the (occasional) fight/heckler/weirdos waltzing in.


  4. Get Up!

    I performed 258 times in 2013.  I’m thankful I live in a city that can provide that much stage time. I’m thankful there’s audiences that come out to watch, even at open mics. I’m thankful for my fellow comedians who booked me, helped me out with a joke, and were just fun to be around. I’m thankful I’m able to go from show to show, theater to theater, from standup to improv to sketch and feel supported everywhere. I like to say “These are the best years of our lives” as a joke when things are going off the rails at shows, but I also mean it. Seriously. What the fuck else would you rather be doing? 

    I’m in New Jersey a few more days but when I come back I’ll be hitting it hard. Take a look at these shows coming up: 

  5. A Comedian Prepares to go home for Christmas with Family

    Made this before coming home. I’ve been here a week and generally speaking, people are less interested in me than I thought they would be. 

  6. I’m in this new video from There’s Waldo. Check it out!


    Dinner Party Couples Therapy

    There’s Waldo

    Actor/ Co-writer

  7. Hey, look! The Austin chronicle gave me a nice shout out in their event listings!


  8. Simple, Easy to understand Comedy Advice!

    Keep your head down and work.


    Your work will speak for itself.
    It’s who you know.

    Just keep developing in your city.

    Move to New York if you’re serious.
    Don’t move until you’re ready.
    You’ll never be ready, so just move now.
    LA is where the work is.

    Don’t move until you have a body of work.
    No one cares if it’s not on the coast.
    You have to be around the people who work to get the work.

    Just focus on your jokes.

    But have a few spec scripts written.

    Get up every night of the week.

    Take some time off to be a person.
    Being a person isn’t for you, you comedian.

    Take a vacation.
    Be sure to see if you can get booked on shows while you’re on vacation.

    Do open mics.
    Don’t fall into the trap of only performing for your jackass comic friends.

    Be someone that people want to be around.

    Put your head down and write, you can socialize later.

    Make videos.

    Just do standup.

    Show you can do something else.

    Don’t forget to tweet.

    Just do standup.

    You should vine more.

    Work on a writing packet.

    If you’re not getting up every night of the week something is wrong.

    Take an improv class.

    Submit to festivals.
    Don’t go to places that won’t pay you.

    Experience is your payment.
    You’re an artist and deserve to be paid, even if it’s only drinks.
    Don’t get drunk at the club.

    Have drinks, relax, these are the best years of our lives.

    That guy got this and he’s only….

    Don’t compare yourself to others.

    Focus everything on comedy.

    If you want to be truly great, no other obligation will stand in your way.

    It’s easier to create when you’re comfortable.
    It’s easier to create when you’re broken.

    Go to therapy.
    Don’t ruin what’s funny about you.

    Always do new material.

    Always re-work old material.

    No jokes are done.

    Retire old jokes.

    Update your tumblr.

    Get a cool poster for your show.

    Clean up your tweets.

    Just have fun.
    This is all work.

    Just be free and create.

    Drop the curses from your act so you can work more.

    Get rest, exercise, and eat healthy.

    Live and breathe comedy.

    This will all be worth it someday.

    This is what it’s all about, it’s all worth everything, right now.

    Enjoy the moment.

    Have an eye on the future.
    Learn from your past.


    You should have an agent.

    You’ll get your own work.

    You need a manager.

    They’ll come when you’re ready.

    You’ll never be ready.

    You need to put yourself out there before you’re ready.

    Confidence is everything.
    Substance is everything.

    You need more twitter followers.

    Learn html and photoshop.

    Surround yourself with great people.

    Only trust yourself.

    Be gracious with your time.

    There isn’t a moment to waste.

    Your day job is killing you.
    Your day job makes you stronger.

    Take time for loved ones.

    There are no loved ones.

    Just be yourself.

    Keep an eye on what’s hot right now, get a #trending

    Just keep working.

    Go viral.
    Try to be a human being.

  9. Here’s a set I did earlier this summer at Sure Thing! Big thanks to Scooter Hopkins for capturing the footage. 

  10. busemanvids:

    My semifinals set from 2013 Funniest Person in Austin. I got joke of the night!